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The first meeting

The mentoring process can only succeed when both parties respect each other and have a clear understanding of their roles. This initial meeting is designed to ensure that responsibilities and goals are clear.

Finding the right fit between mentor and mentee is essential, so this is an opportunity to get to know each other, talk about mutual expectations, and set the ground rules for the partnership.

By the end of the initial meeting, both parties should have a clear understanding of the mentee’s goals, responsibilities, time commitments and the logistics involved in making the partnership work.

This detailed meeting is offered at no cost to the mentee.

Formalising the business mentoring contract

At the second meeting, a contract is agreed upon that formalises the structure of the partnership. The contract will cover agreed objectives, how progress will be reviewed, the frequency of meetings and an estimated overall timeframe.

From here, the mentor will begin to develop a robust strategy that is designed to support the mentee to achieve his or her goals.

Managing the ongoing business mentoring relationship

Both parties are responsible for managing the mentoring relationship

The mentor will honour the terms of the contract by ensuring that agreed actions are followed through, and that the strategies evolve to best support the mentee. Over the course of the partnership, the mentor will listen, provide feedback and respect confidentiality at all times.

It is essential that the mentee take ownership of his or her journey. Therefore, it is the mentee’s responsibility to work on agreed objectives, track outcomes and ensure that scheduled meetings take place.


Blue Walnut offers mentoring services to business owners and senior executives who are looking for guidance, knowledge, and support to achieve their ambitions.

We provide expert impartial advice, to assist people at critical points in their career to realise their full potential.


Blue Walnut engages in illuminating conversations with mentees to articulate personal aspirations, before designing a robust strategy that will help to navigate complex decisions, and reach personal goals.

This is achieved by setting manageable short-term targets, key milestones, and meeting regularly to ensure mentees remain inspired by the process.


The mentoring process is holistic and takes into account individual circumstances, barriers, and motivations across all aspects of a person’s life.

Mentee goals range from professional ambitions to achievements of a more a personal nature. At each step, Blue Walnut guides the mentee along a path of development and growth in a supportive and encouraging manner.

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