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Through its mentoring process, Blue Walnut guides business owners and senior executives to advance in their professional lives by providing experience, wisdom, and ongoing support.

Our expert mentorship involves listening with empathy, acting as an effective sounding board, encouraging reflection and personal insight and sharing knowledge.

For the mentoring relationship to be successful, a professional friendship must have time to evolve. This requires open conversations where both partners learn about one another, build a climate of trust and feel secure in sharing the real issues that impact a client’s success.

A personal and trusted guide

Great mentors genuinely care about mentees and want to see them prosper in all aspects of their lives. They draw upon first-hand experience to offer guidance on personal development and provide impartial advice – always with the mentee’s best interests at heart. They will listen to their mentee, impart knowledge and wisdom, and guide them along their personal journey. It is this support and belief that helps mentees understand their strengths and push themselves to new heights.

Mentoring vs Coaching

Mentoring is a long-term, professional relationship that focusses on developing the whole person, rather than accomplishing a set task. It takes time to cultivate this relationship and involves building trust, identifying areas in which the mentee needs support (personally and professionally), and working together to develop a long-term strategy for attainment. Effective mentoring relationships can last anywhere between nine to 18 months.

Coaching is a short-term, structured agreement whereby a coach helps an individual to achieve specific task objectives. Coaching is performance orientated and lasts until the individual’s goals are met.

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