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Providing an anchor in a time of personal crisis

This particularly complex project managed by James Tonelli involved the mentorship of a client at a time of significant personal crisis. While separating from her husband, the client was assisted by James to deal with liquidators, lawyers and security people connected to the family business.

Over an extended period, James provided advice and negotiated with landlords, suppliers and a vast legal team to re-establish the client’s restaurant business and secure an income for her and her children. James also worked tirelessly with accountants and a range of professionals on behalf of the client, helping her to create a clear and debt free business.

On a personal front, the client did not have many people to talk to and was losing direction during a dark time in her life. With James’s assistance, she put in place a restraining order against her husband and managed issues with both her staff and extended family.

The business became successful once again, providing an ongoing income source for the client until it was sold. With his combination of interpersonal and financial skills, James was a key part of the client’s journey, and a much-needed anchor in a time of crisis.

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