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Business mentorship creates a shift in behaviour

One of James’s recent clients was a talented retail outlet designer with an eye for colour and creating engaging spaces. A substantial proportion of the client’s work can be seen in large shopping centres across Sydney, Melbourne and Malaysia.

As profitable as this business was, the client had a tendency to spend everything he earned. Recognising that a shift in behaviour was needed, the client engaged James to put in place strategies to control spending.

With guidance from James, the client was able to purchase a commercial property in NSW that he converted into an office. James also mentored the client in business practices including effective invoicing, bill collection and payment systems. Through mentoring both the business owner and staff, James helped to create a workplace with shared goals and investment in the growth of the business.

James worked with the client over a six-year period, mentoring and providing advice to ensure financial security. Once new processes were in place, the client was in a position to buy into another business, which also became a success. Thanks to skilful guidance and planning, mentorship was no longer necessary, and the client continued on his career journey.

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